Deal Making just got easier for
Asset Managers

Asset Manager's cool new way to super-charge her deal making, track deals granularly, and aggregate every data component of the deal making life-cycle.


Intelligent Decisions
Be better equipped to make decisions with more data at your fingertips.
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Data Aggregations
Aggregate Deal data including your emails and your Notes and models and contacts all in place.
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Get a clearer picture of deals in your pipeline and the decisions you make
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Customizable Interface
Never work with one size fits all technology and pre-built templates, we will customize interfaces for your specific needs
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Cloud Technology
Migrate to the Cloud with better control, security, and accessibility.
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Lower Costs
Lower technology costs by being part of an integrated platform
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Intelligent Decisions

Cut down on wasted time and effort on our automated portfolio tracking platform.
Good deals are worth pursuing

Their is a myth of getting lucky with deals. And the best managers seem to get lucky many times. The truth is they identify deals with potential and make them happen

Proactive Sourcing

A deal pipeline helps you identify specific deal types which are not being represented well in the portfolio. It could be a specific strategy, or an industry or one such dimension. It prompts you to go and find these deals.

Tracking a Deal Process

Designing intelligent deal tracking process is a critical part of deal management. We at Pepper work with you to help you understand the process and design it, for maximum impact.

Data Aggregations

Bringing all Deal related data together on a single screen. That means not just the economic data, but your emails, notes, documents and contacts are together to get a comprehensive view of the deal.
Email Integration

We intelligently attach all emails related to the deal, with the Deal. No sending BCC copies to email boxes.

Reduce time to find information

Closing Dates of deals are stressful, where users spend precious time ensuring every deal related data is readily available. With Pepper they are always prepared.

Data Analytics

Pepper provides advanced data analytics on deals done, time taken to do a deal, time spent on each phase and other features.

Customizable Interface

Enjoy a unique Interface that is suited to your Deal management needs.
Custom Stages

Each Deal maker has her own challenges and deal Stages. We allow you to build out as granular a deal structure as you want. Easy to move deals between stages.

Sort Deals

Easily sort deals by any dimensions, including size, close dates, strategy, geography or the analyst involved.

Cloud Technology

Built on Microsoft Azure platform

We ensure security is at the highest levels at all times from all threats.


Size truly does not matter. We employ autoscaling to guarantee all processes are running at desired speeds.


We have architected our system to have one codebase so everyone gets the latest upgrades.


You can connect to any external system with our APIs.

One Platform One Solution

Learn how Onpepper can assist you with managing, analyze and report on all of your assets on one scalable, secure platform designed to create a more stable transparent, and prosperous financial world.
Lower Costs
The best technology does not have to break the bank. Pepper believes lowering costs by innovative use of technology to solve critical business problems provides the best value to its clients
We believe transparency of data leaves you in the best position to make intelligent decisions. You are in a position to allocate your time, cost and resources to the best available opportunities