How We Work

Pepper’s platform was developed through a rigorous research and development carried out over four years. We believe our solution provides the industry’s only fully integrated and comprehensive digital solution that covers all major technology infrastructure needs of alternative asset managers.

However, we understand that we operate in a dynamic industry and each asset manager can be unique in terms of its investment strategy, risk management and operations.
Therefore, we collaborate with each new customer to understand their unique needs and explore potential approaches to solve them. Our collaborative approach and capabilities allow us to deploy a tailored solution that fits each customer’s unique profile.

Even one can consider Pepper as your outsourced strategic technology partner that will meet all your technology infrastructure needs. In addition, Pepper can also act as your outsourced operations team that comes with a smart, dynamic data platform

How Trinity Named Pepper

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Why then do we call our platform Pepper. In 2015 we were searching desperately for a name. The developers had just a code-name to go by “Deep Blue”.

We had taken up our new offices on Wall Street. Right on western end of Wall Street sits Trinity Church, with its soaring Gothic spires and a stream of visitors looking for Alexander Hamilton’s last resting place. As I walked past it one day, I decided to read up the history of the church. The church itself is an active parish,  has been active for over 300 years, and seen three rebirths.
Trinity church was first established in 1696 by an initial land grant of 6 years.  In 1705 Queen Anne made the land grant to the church permanent. It is stated in Trinity’s charter of 1697 by King of England, William III, that the grant and conveyance of the rights, properties and privileges recited therein was made subject to the payment to the heirs and successors of the said William III of a yearly rent of “One Pepper Corne.”

Famously, on July 9 1976,  Queen Elizabeth II was at Trinity to symbolically collect 279 years of back rent in the form of 279 pepper corns.

And there the name stuck. Pepper had always been a commodity used for international trade. And what better name for the platform