Launched in early 2015, the Pepper platform was developed over four years of rigorous research and development effort, performed by a team with over 80 years of combined finance and digital technology experience

Product Solutions

Investment Management

Pepper provides the tool to investment managers to make smarter new investing decisions while better managing their existing investments
Existing Investments

Construct performance returns, comprehensive portfolio views,  integrated risk management and more

New Investments

Creation of model portfolios, dynamic scenario analysis, visibility into sector exposures, strategies and more.

Investor Management

Pepper provides fund investors/limited partners confidence and assurance of accurate and timely portfolio information
Dedicated Channels

Frequent communication with dedicated communication channels


Real-time availability of historical and latest fund information and net-asset-value data


Pepper provides best-in-class solutions covering all traditional operational activities of a fund management business
Risk Reporting

Ability to manage  concentration risks, stresses, VAR and other risk metrics from a single integrated data platform

Valuation and Liquidity Management

Accurately valuing existing assets in the portfolio and tracking all relevant documentation. Keeping control of all cash movements and tight liquidity management in the portfolio.

Accounting and Regulatory Reporting

Perform all Accounting related functions including tracking expenses and fees.

Product Technology

As digital technology disrupts the finance industry, the Pepper’s team has leveraged all relevant components of the latest in digital technology to develop its product. The outcome of our approach is a product that is built for the next generation and captures  all the efficiency and convenience promised by digital technology.
Modular and Versatile Design
Modular design enables clients to create a tailored solution that exactly fits their
business needs
Highly Secure
Highly-secured, where all data-at-rest data is stored hashed or encrypted and data-in-transit uses HTTPS protocol, on a  cloud-based platform
Runs on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, thus offering almost limitless storage
and scalability.
The API approach creates a highly connected data-driven platform for exchanging financial data and non-financial data